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Children's day celebration

The NSS unit (101) of Malabar B.Ed Training College orchestrated a vibrant Children's Day celebration across multiple Anganwadis in the Peravoor area. The event commenced with a ceremonial inauguration presided over by Member Raju and Mr. James, a respected member of the Anganwadi Committee. Welcoming speeches were delivered by Mr. Cibi Kalapurakal, Binu, Anagha K (NSS Student Coordinator), and Arsal Asee Bin Muhammadali. The occasion was graced by the presence of locals and parents, with Ms. Beena, an Asha worker, delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks. The program included a special tribute to Anganwadi teachers and an informative Anemia awareness session led by Jesna Sister, followed by an Anemia screening camp.

  • Inauguration of the Children's Day celebration at various Anganwadis.
  • Welcome speeches by prominent members and student coordinators.
  • Tribute to Anganwadi teachers.
  • Anemia awareness class led by Jesna Sister.
  • Organization of an Anemia screening camp.
  • Children's Day Rally.
  • Various art programs for children.
  • Gift distribution.
  • Sweet distribution.
  • Emphasizing the importance of Children's Day.


The Children's Day celebration organized by the NSS unit of Malabar B.Ed Training College concluded with great success, showcasing the importance of nurturing and supporting the well-being of children in the community. Through various activities such as rallies, art programs, gift distributions, and Anemia awareness initiatives, the event highlighted the significance of Children's Day in promoting the welfare and happiness of children.