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The NSS meeting held at Malabar BEd Training College, Unit 101, was a platform for discussing upcoming activities and initiatives. With the participation of 50 members, including college officials and student leaders, the meeting commenced in the Seminar Hall. Principal Indu K. Mathew, along with NSS Program Officer Preetha Kuryakose and NSS Student Coordinator Anagha K, led the proceedings.

The agenda primarily focused on planning a seven-day camp scheduled to take place at M.G. College during the upcoming Christmas break. Detailed discussions were held regarding the logistics and organization of the camp, including arrangements for food procurement from the students themselves. The decisions taken during the meeting were unanimously agreed upon by the attending volunteers.

Overall, the meeting served as a platform for effective coordination and decision-making, ensuring the successful execution of upcoming NSS activities and programs at Malabar BEd Training College.

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In conclusion, the NSS meeting at Malabar BEd Training College, Unit 101, proved to be a productive and collaborative session. With the active participation of college officials, NSS leaders, and volunteers, important decisions were made regarding the upcoming seven-day camp. The unanimous agreement on various aspects of the camp, including logistics and food procurement, reflects the commitment and dedication of the NSS unit towards community service and engagement.

Moving forward, the decisions taken during the meeting will pave the way for the successful execution of the planned activities, ensuring meaningful contributions to society. The meeting underscored the importance of teamwork, coordination, and effective communication in achieving the goals of the NSS unit. Overall, it was a fruitful gathering that laid the groundwork for impactful initiatives in the future.