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The NSS meeting convened at Malabar B.Ed Training College, Unit 101, aimed to plan upcoming initiatives and events. Among the key discussions were the organization of a Blood Donation Camp, a Seven-Day Camp, and the cultivation of medicinal plants. Additionally, plans were made for distributing wheelchairs, documenting activities, and scheduling programs for December. The meeting involved active participation from the college principal, NSS program officer, and student coordinators.

  • Blood Donation Camp: Decision to organize a blood donation camp in collaboration with Thalassery Government Hospital and Blood Donors Kerala on December 5. Various committees were formed to oversee the arrangements.

  • Seven-Day Camp: Planning to explore the feasibility of conducting the camp in schools/colleges.

  • Medicinal Plant Cultivation: Resolution to collect plants from the homes or surroundings of volunteers or to seek the assistance of Mr. Narayanan, the gardener at the college, for medicinal plant cultivation.

  • Distribution of Wheelchairs: Decision to distribute wheelchairs to the Palliative Care Unit.

  • Proper Documentation: Ensuring meticulous documentation of all the activities organized under the unit.

  • Organization of Other Programs: Agreement to identify and schedule appropriate programs for the days of December month.

The meeting concluded with several important decisions taken for the smooth execution of upcoming programs and activities. Committees were assigned specific tasks, and responsibilities were distributed among the volunteers to ensure effective coordination and successful implementation of the agenda items. The collective efforts of all members aimed to contribute positively to the community and uphold the spirit of service.