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An orientation class for NSS volunteers was organized at Malabar BEd Training College, Peravoor, on October 30, 2023. The event marked the inauguration of both the NSS unit and the soap production unit. It brought together 50 selected NSS volunteers along with other students for an informative and inspiring session.

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Inauguration of NSS and Soap Production Unit
  • Session on Community Service and Involvement
  • Address by Dr. Deepamol Mathew, Assistant Professor & HoD of Malayalam Department at Nirmalagiri College
  • Presentation of Best NSS Program Officer Award
  • Overview of NSS Activities and Objectives
  • Interactive Discussion and Q&A Session

The orientation class for NSS volunteers at Malabar BEd Training College marked the beginning of an exciting journey towards community service and involvement. Led by Dr. Deepamol Mathew, the session provided valuable insights and laid a promising foundation for the NSS unit and soap production unit. The active participation of volunteers and students highlighted their enthusiasm and commitment to making a positive impact on society.