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HIV Awareness

The NSS unit (101) at Malabar B.Ed Training College organized a powerful AIDS Day awareness program on December 1. Mrs. Rama Kottiyoor, an HIV patient, shared her experiences, highlighting the challenges faced by those with HIV. The interactive session facilitated student engagement, dispelling doubts and fostering awareness about HIV. An impactful HIV Awareness Wall was created, inaugurated by Mrs. Rama, emphasizing the need to support individuals, not stigmatize the disease. This initiative on World AIDS Day unites the college community against HIV, promoting compassion, awareness, and support.

Welcome and Inauguration by College Principal.

Awareness Classes by Mrs. Rama Kottiyoor.

Interactive Session with Students.

Creation of HIV Awareness Wall.

The AIDS Day program successfully educated students about HIV and initiated a collective effort to break the stigma. Mrs. Rama Kottiyoor's impactful sessions and the creation of the HIV Awareness Wall highlighted the importance of empathy and support. The college community stands united against HIV, fostering a world where every life is valued.