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As the inaugural step towards the "Snehaveedu" program, the NSS unit of Malabar B.Ed. Training College conducted a visit to the selected home. The initiative aimed to extend love and support to those in need, embodying the essence of the "Snehaveedu" program. The visit involved the active participation of key figures, including NSS Programme Officer Mrs. Preetha Kuryakose, College Supervisor Mr. Mohanan, Peravoor Panchayath Member Mrs. Reena Manoharan, and College Vice Chairperson Ms. Meghna.B.

Introduce "Snehaveedu" Program.

Visit selected home for initial assessment.

Key figures' active participation.

Assess current situation for future planning.

The NSS unit's visit to the chosen home for the "Snehaveedu" program initiated a meaningful and impactful effort. Key figures' participation highlighted a collective commitment to making a positive difference. The visit provided insights for planning and executing the program, ensuring its genuine and transformative impact. As the team left, there was a shared sense of purpose and anticipation for the positive change "Snehaveedu" would bring to the community.